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An excursion to our Durchgangalm in Rauris can give you an unforgettable experience.

Sommer activities

Goldegg as ideal holidays resort to relax, rest and enjoy the wellness, or to play games, sports, and have fun in a beautiful countryside.

Discover an idyllic place with 2 bathing lakes - the Goldegger Moorbadesee and the Böndlsee. A medieval castle with a museum of local history and a complete program for children, as well as many cultural events, shape the character of Goldegg and offer you the optimally conditions for a versatile holidays program.

... the summer can come!


St. Johann

Delight in the powerful rush of the waterfall, the lush, green, moss-covered stones, the mythical environment and the beautiful show of colours as the sun’s rays reflect off the mist of the falls.
Liechtenstein Gorge is not only one of the most beautiful, it is also one of the longest and deepest accessible wild water ravines in the Alps. This magnificent natural phenomenon is well worth a visit.

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Fusch/Ferleiten a.d. Glocknerstraße

Right next to the Grossglocknerstraße before the toll station there are over 200 animals indigenous to the alps on around 15 hectares of land. A walk around the park takes around one hour. The paths are all suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

In the middle of the park there is a large pond with a lookout tower and plenty of opportunities to sit and rest. There are also information boards and diagrams of the flora and fauna at home in the alps.

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Bad Gastein

Der JAGDBOGENPARCOURS BAD GASTEIN wurde im Sommer 2010 eröffnet.
Der Weg führt über einen idyllisch angelegten Waldpfad. Es gilt, 16 naturgetreu nachgebildete 3D-Tiere mit Pfeil und Bogen zu treffen! Wer erzielt die höchste Punkteanzahl?

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Visitors experience a high-altitude encounter with the past at Hohenwerfen Fortress, a castle dating back over 900 years. This tall, jutting rock, high above the Salzachtal valley floor, offers a gusty view of the surrounding mountains. The feathered hunters of the province’s falconry centre, the dashing weaponry, the museums and the dark corners all encourage visitors to investigate the mighty walls of the castle from within. 

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Unique and gigantic. Visiting the Eisriesenwelt is an adventure for the whole family!
Let our caving experts guide you through the world’s largest ice cave. The Eisriesenwelt is easy to reach by car as well as public transportation.

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With their impressive waterfall drop of 380 m the Krimml Waterfalls are the fifth highest waterfalls in the world. With approx. 350,000 visitors each year they are one of the most visited tourist features in Austria. A hiking trail built by the Austrian Alpine Association (OeAV) makes it possible to get very close to this breathtaking nature spectacle, affording sensational views. Enjoy the refreshing mizzle and the impressive power of the water amidst the gorgeous scenery of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

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